9 Ways to Boost Those Happy Hormones

“Happiness is a feeling of contentment, that life is just as it should be” 

by Ariadne Rojas

(Photo Credit: Unsplash)

(Photo Credit: Unsplash)

The last couple of months I was not feeling myself. I felt so weak, tired, cranky and sad all the time. To the point that I couldn’t get out of bed, my life was no longer making sense and literally, everything was going just wrong. These all eventually transformed into so many lost opportunities that I started thinking why am I feeling this way? So unhappy and lost.  

I guess we all have been there, whether is feeling demotivated, lost or just not feeling yourself and the truth is that sometimes it can actually feel really hard to keep happy. But what exactly is happiness and how do we boost it?

According to the Happiness International Organization, Happiness means satisfaction and fulfillment. “Happiness is a feeling of contentment, that life is just as it should be. Perfect happiness, enlightenment, comes when you have all of your needs satisfied”. 

After reading this definition I automatically start thinking when I was a child; why are kids so happy? It’s not because they have no responsibilities like almost everyone says, but because they accept life as it is. Every time my mom found me angry or sad, she used to say: “Remember, you can’t control what happens to you but you can control how you react to it”, and now that I think about it, it’s one of the best advice she could have given me. 

This means that the key to happiness is the ability to be present, be grateful and transform each negative situation into a positive one. And you can do that just by always taking the most out of every situation, learning from them and creating situations that bring joy and positivity every day. 

Some of you may be wondering but how do we actually do that? How do we reach that state of mind? Like everything in life, it takes practice and dedication. Luckily here are 9 simple ways to reach and boost that happiness based on the WE PROMISE theory, built on scientific discoveries on how the brain works and universal human needs.


(Photo Credit: Unsplash)

(Photo Credit: Unsplash)


Wellbeing: Be present in every moment and be thankful for it. It’s our mind and body connection, taking the time to just stop, breathe and think about the now. 

Environment: Accept the things you can’t control and surround yourself with things you like and love. It’s interesting how the environment can shape our moods, so it’s important to know what affects us, how and what to do to make it comfortable and work to your advantage. And please keep toxic people OUT!

Pleasure: Hobbies, Hobbies, Hobbies and well... sex and pizza. Make time to do the things you enjoy, those things that you know fulfills your life. Whether is dancing, painting, eating, swimming, drawing, going to the movies, eating chocolate (like me), etc. 

Relationships: Get out there, make new friends, skip the small talk and go deeper. 

Outlook: Fill your life with excitement. Get out of your comfort zone, travel as much as you can, experience other cultures, make unexpected plans, dress differently and be curious; ask, ask, ask.

Meaning: Do things that matter. Find things that are meaningful to you, have a purpose and ACT.  

Involvement: Engage in different activities, volunteer on events that matters to you, get involved in your community and HELP, give your hand to others. 

Success: Celebrate. Every time you achieve a milestone or you do something right, take the time to compliment yourself and celebrate because YOU are valuable and everything you do has a value as well. 

Elasticity: Keep on going! Never lose hope. Don’t be afraid to fall and always remember, when you do, STAND UP and keep going, because everything happens for a reason and life is too short to be stuck in one situation. 

Remember, always loveYOURSELFand whenever you are feeling sad you can just look at this cute puppy. 

(Photo Credit: Unsplash)

(Photo Credit: Unsplash)