How To Fight Winter Fat

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By Ankita Mehta

It's cold, it's slushy and slippery, and it's a whole lot easier to wrap up and sit comfortably in front of Netflix and chill with Christmas leftovers in tow. With holiday season/spirit one month in the past and winters setting in, one is easily tempted to stay in and binge eat. But this three-four month of gap can sure take a major toll on one’s fitness goals for the upcoming year! Know this, whether it is for the New Year’s resolution or for that summer beach body that you are eying- staying fit is totally worth all the effort. It has wide-ranging benefits and the most important of them is combating symptoms of anxiety and depression in cold countries like ours (Toronto).

Here are some simple mantras I swear by to get up and moving on these cold, dark mornings:

  1. Maintain a food journal as you partake in all of the holiday season cuisine. An actual account of calories adding up can motivate you to shed the laziness and adapt an active approach to live.

  2. Avoid wearing oversized, layers or comfy clothes when indoor. Why? Because your appearance maybe deceiving you and remember you don’t wear baggy stuff to the beach!

  3. Start programming the internal heating/thermostat to a cooler temperature before going to bed, it is hard to leave a warm and comfy sack.

  4. Start exercising at home, yoga or floor exercises is the best way to stay in and stay fit. You can download fitness apps to do.

  5. Find a workout buddy, someone who shares the same passion as yours. Having someone wake up for a morning run or to go to gym with can be a good motivation! A bit of friendly competition can do wonders to both. Also, You don't want to leave a friend waiting alone in the cold.

  6. With a goal one is usually less likely to slack, so set one for summer/spring! It could be a marathon or a much-anticipated vacation, find your want and commit to it.

  7. Always warm up before a run outdoors or in the gym! During winters our body is more prone to getting injured and it is no secret that the healing process is also slower around this time.

  8. Pick a winter sport or an indoor dance class, this will not only help you shed those extra pounds but it will also help you near-master a skill!

  9. And if you are a stoner(recreational), stop with the munchies. As amazing as it maybe to wake and bake, eating junk and at erratic hours is the last thing your body wants during the cold!

  10. Follow a set plan to achieve that body,  don’t try and test random diets or workout plans. Be systematized, cause every day counts in winters.

Lastly, as the saying goes, ‘what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger’. Exercise is the only thing closer to a miracle drug but having said that, listen to your body. Push yourself but don’t rough it out. You still want to be able to play through the winters, eh?