F I V E ways to get out of a rut 

By: Jonquil Jardine 

Life can be challenging. It will test your patience but you CAN and WILL overcome whatever is making you unhappy. I am not a specialist. I am a person that has encountered various challenges, in particular, the transition from university to the work force. I remember feeling lost, unaccomplished and lonely. You are about to read the techniques I used and continue to use.

 F I G U R E out what is making you unhappy

This is crucial. It can be challenging to face reality, sometimes it’s easier to remain in a specific state of mind because you’re familiar with that feeling. When you face reality, new feelings emerge and that can be frightening. 

Sit and write down what’s bothering you. Things seem less daunting on paper. Once you’ve made your list, place items in numerical order from what’s impacting your mood the most to least. Depending on what you’re comfortable with, you may want to tackle one problem at a time or a couple problems at once. 

 D O what you love

Ask yourself what makes you smile. Whether it’s creating art, taking long walks or simply listening to music, do it. This also applies to your profession. Society can and will place a lot of pressure on you. You need to decide what you standby and stick to it. If not, you will feel like your floating by and going wherever the breeze decides to take you.

 R E A D and E M B R A C E inspirational content 

There’s nothing more refreshing than content that moves you. Words on a page or images on a screen can be inspirational. It can take you on a journey even if it’s only for a couple of minutes. Inspiration comes in many forms and it’s there for you to experience. 

 In particular, books that discuss mental health may not only be relatable but also a breath of fresh air. 

It’s comforting knowing that people have gone through similar experiences. You’re not alone. 

M E D I T A T E 

You’d be surprised what ten minutes of relaxation can do. There’s a lot of noise surrounding us,  actual noise and noise we create within. Create a space that encourages peace and tranquility. Many people feel like meditation is intense but it can involve walking or simply laying on grass. Don’t limit yourself to a mat. 

 G E T out 

 Sometimes a new environment can stimulate creativity, happiness and curiosity. Whether the destination is an hour or a plane ride away, get out! A new environment will force you to come out of your comfort zone and also embrace another side of yourself. Although a trip to Bali would be nice, it may not be ideal for someone on a budget therefore research and find alternatives that best suit you. 

 These techniques are simply guidelines which can be customized. You are the only person that can create the change you wish within yourself.