Plus Size Fitness Babes On Instagram Who Will Inspire You

There’s been a surge of interest in plus-size models - and why shouldn’t there be? Voluptuous and inspiring stunners are all over Instagram rocking their beauty, so we wanted to give a shout out to the fit plus size girls of Instagram who dedicate their lifestyles to staying mindful and healthy, at every size. And they still look amazing doing it. These fitness babes will be your workout inspiration, and they’ll also inspire you to let your inner beauty glow, and focus on the things you love about yourself.



Apart from having a badass name, Jessamyn is an incredibly flexible and curvaceous Yogi and self-proclaimed “fat femme” with an envious Grace Jones hair cut. Her 234k followers can watch her stretching her bootylicious bod in bed, a handstand, or artfully in the studio.



This blond babe is a jack of all trades - she’s a pioneer in not only fitness, but fashion and yoga, with her own lifestyle sites and 122k loyal followers. Her side plank game is on fire, and she’s been to over 30 countries, so follow her inspiring lifestyle here.



Dana the yogi is part of the thick and fit club, and we love her. Whether she’s posing in the woods or on the mat showing us some moves, she always snaps shots with positive self-love comments. Also, her pose game is so much stronger than ours.



Lita’s silhouette might not pack as much of a punch as the other buxom ladies on this list, but her muscle definition and thickness is no joke and she is definitely still part of the #thickgirlclub. I mean, look at those thighs and try not to be jealous. She runs training programs and boot camps, and both her fitness lifestyle and beauty are infinitely inspiring.



This breathtaking babe is takes artful yoga shots that are cool enough to frame on a wall, somewhere. Her modeling chops might have to do with that -  this babe is signed to Wilhelmina NYC, and is #thickandtoned at it’s finest. Her booty is inspiration for days, and that nerdy girl glasses swag is so cute. Plus she teaches a class called Trill Yoga, so you know she's cool.



You might recognize this vibrant Nigerian cutie from her regular appearances on Refinery 29’s Body Positive Workout. She's iconic in the plus size community and one of the first pioneers to say, “Hey, big girls can do yoga too! And we’re good at it.” Her blog Plus Size Princess talks about everything from dating as a plus size girl to promoting her belief in “healthy curves at every size.”