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Rashika Mukherjee

Rashika Mukherjee was born and brought up in the city of joy Kolkata, India. Being a Journalism and Mass-communication student, she always found her interest in writing about fashion and lifestyle. She thinks that you must bring your whole self to the table with the aim of booming in today’s crazy world. Her enthusiasm for fashion blogging led her to create a blogging website, which is all about avant-garde trends for the Millennials.

She worked as a fashion blogger with an e-commerce platform and as a content marketer with a Singapore based software provider REVE Systems for more than 3 years. She’s also passionate about classic rock music which enticed her to learn a bit of western classical music. Travelling to undiscovered destinations and collecting souvenirs is one of the most exciting things she craves for. She loves expressing herself by penning down her thoughts into notions.

Rashika was completely driven by the idea of studying Lifestyle Media because that’s one of the most versatile genres of Media. That’s how she decided to move to the multicultural city Toronto. She believes Centennial college has given her a great platform to endure her passion.