Where To Dine Warm, Healthy Food In Toronto's Winter?

By: Sanjeev

Old Man Winter has arrived and you’re asking yourself where to dine to stay warm in the winter while eating healthy. There’s a lot of options to try something different for your culinary taste buds. This list will help you combat the cold, try new foods (if that was your New Years resolution), and to eat healthy.   

Images courtesy of Unsplash.com



Sanjeev Wignarajah is a Toronto-based photographer who specializes in street and portrait photography. Sanjeev graduated in the journalism program at Centennial College in 2017. While studying journalism, he was passionate about photography and it changed his life. He started collaborating with his friends on film sets and co-created a magazine on Toronto’s photography scene with his classmates.

Sanjeev has shot for Centennial College for a few events and the 2017 Taste of The Danforth. He even took over CBC Radio’s Metro Morning’s Instagram account in 2016. He has made a lot of connections in the Toronto Instagram photography community. His inspiration for photography comes from watching movies on how the director and cinematographer

Sanjeev dreams of travelling like Anthony Bourdain and to write for Exclaim!, CBC Music and CBC Arts, and to freelance with Roads & Kingdoms.

You can find Sanjeev’s photography work on Instagram @sanjay28w.