Get Great Toronto Chocolates this Valentines Day.

By Emma Stirling

Happy Valentines Day! Chocolate has long been considered a food of desire and people around the world love it. It is the perfect treat for Valentines, no matter who you are shopping for. Toronto has excellent options when it comes to chocolate, and they are available all around the city. Here are the top picks for Toronto’s chocolate this Valentine’s day. 


Soma Chocolate

Soma is well known throughout the city, especially for their hot chocolate during the Winter. However, there is much more to find at Soma than hot drinks. They have chocolates just for Valentines, with affordable options like the Raspberry Bar for $7.50.

Locations: 443 King St W, Toronto, 32 Tank House Lane



Stubbe Chocolates & Pastry

Stubbe Chocolates & Pastry follows the German style of chocolate making, with owner Chef Daniel Stubbe being a 6th-generation konditor from Meppen, Germany. This Valentines, you can buy a Painted Heart for $14.75, or Stubbe Valentine Bonon

Selection for $10.00. 

Location: 653 Dupont St, Toronto


Avoca Chocolates

Along with their ice cream and gelato, Avoca Chocolates is known for great chocolate. Their diverse arr options come with your choice of dark or milk chocolate. You can try a Chocolate Orange Peel for $4.50, or Chocolate Marshmallows for $3.25.

Locations: 176 Hampton Avenue, and 850 Millwood Road.



Godiva Chocolatier

Godiva Chocolatier specializes in Belgian style chocolate, and with some great treats for Valentine. While a bit pricier than the other listed options, you can get the high-quality Cupcake Inspired Chocolate Gift for $29.95. When buying your chocolate, you can personalize many of the options for the person you love.

Locations: Yorkdale Shopping Centre, CF Toronto Eaton Centre, 200 Bay St, Toronto, 300 Borough Dr.

Scarborough in Indigo, and CF Fairview Mall.



CXBO Chocolates

In the hip Kensington Market, you will find the equally cool CXBO. Dedicated to all kinds of chocolate, you can find many different bars for $9, such as The Kensington Bar with Apricot, Choli and Coffee. If you want to buy a Valentine’s Day special, try The Glowing Hearts Collection Limited Edition for $22.50. 

Location: 193 Baldwin St, Toronto


No matter who you are buying for, we hope that you find some great chocolate this Valentine’s day. Enjoy!!