Top 5 places to buy affordable winter outfits in Toronto

Rashika Mukherjee

Are you all stocked up with your winter essentials? Whether you are an international student or someone coming for a short business trip from a warm region, having appropriate winter clothing in Toronto is necessary. Besides, if you are visiting this city for a short span it’s a good idea to buy cheap winter coats as your souvenirs. On the contrary, investing in quality winter clothes will eventually save you.

Explore these places to buy quality winter clothing in Toronto.

Photo: @kungfoojohnny

Photo: @kungfoojohnny


Being a global brand - H&M is well recognized to every nationality. This store exhibits sassy sweaters for layering, inexpensive jackets, overcoats and playful hoodies. If you are looking forward to appearing stylish yet warm this winter, this is the right place.


This store offers a wide range of lightweight outwear, affordable body warmers, and other winter essentials. Their HITECH collection brings a unique selection of ultra light turtle necks, tights and t-shirts designed with soft fabrics that restore the body heat.

Photo: @getawei

Photo: @getawei



You can never go wrong with a sporty avatar in this chill cold, and there is no better place than Sport Check to acquire casual athletic winter jackets, hoodies and coats from famous brands like North Face and Colombia.


Are you expecting to fill your wardrobe with classic and designer winter coats?  You can score branded jackets and coats with discounted rates in Winners. This store has a large variety of outwear which are reasonable yet fashionable. Besides, this place has most of the exclusive brands on offer.  

I hope these quick guidelines assist you to buy quality winter outfits without pinching your pocket. Let your winter wardrobe speak the language of comfort and style.

Photo: @lindseyhubbs

Photo: @lindseyhubbs