These are the 8 trends you will see all around in Spring 2019

By Ariadne Rojas


The scarf print expansion:

We have seen the scarf trend this past fall but during the spring season of 2019 it will continue expanding with feminine blouses, wide dresses and original looks.


Kiss goodbye the fear of feathers:

Feathers were definitely a thing for the fall-winter party looks and it will gain strength for this spring season by being an essential companion.


Nude all the way :


Beige is a color that will never go out of style. For this spring season earthy colors will be a favorite for standing out with simplicity and style.

Let’s embrace the sea


Fishnets dresses will be the must have of the season. Handmade pieces are becoming more and more popular so make sure to be on trend and have yours by this spring.

Bring some color to life with neon:


For Spring 2019 we knew there was going to be a lot of vibrant colors but the ones that will definitely stand out will be yellow, red, blue and pink. Weather it’s the complete look or just an accessory, the important thing is to give our look a special touch with neon colors.

Yep, Polka Dots is back (or did it actually left?)

One thing is for sure, they are going to be present again.


Hippie Style says present

Tie-dye is having its comeback and it’s coming not only with some seventy’s stylish looks but with some vibrant colors as well.


Cyclists are the new tights :

Last summer we saw the trend of biker pants on many celebrities. This spring we will see it on its full potential by taken over the streets as a more fashionable look, reaching multiple styles.