Stone Sour Concert

I'm actually kind of glad my boyfriend had to work late on Valentine's Day. That meant I could go see Stone Sour and In This Moment who was here in Toronto at Rebel. I'm so glad I went because Stone Sour put on such a lively, energetic show!

Maria Brink, singer of In This Moment, and Corey Taylor, singer of Stone Sour/Slipknot, are two of my rockstar role models, so to see both of them the same night left me feeling inspired. They both have so much control over the crowd. Both bands played for the same amount of time (75 minutes-ish) so it's safe to say everyone got a good dose of both.


In This Moment


I got to the show just in time for In This Moment and I hate to say it but they were awfully boring - I think more boring than the time I saw them last April. In This Moment is all about putting on a theatrical-like show. Maria had about four or five wardrobe changes so in between songs, the energy and interest of the crowd died down in between each song it seemed. It took a long time for the band to move from one song to the next.

But during each song, ITM rocked it. They played all of their well-known songs and songs from their new album, Ritual, including their cover of "In The Air Tonight" originally by Phil Collins. I love that cover. It's so dark and eerie.

What amazed me the most was how much control Maria had over the crowd, especially as a woman in a male-dominated crowd. Actually, I think the crowd was a good half-and-half of men and women. With it being Valentine's Day, I saw many couples at the show. But anyways, it was so good to see a woman control a crowd like that which is why Maria is one of my favorite rockstars that I look up to. She has so much confidence in herself and is a strong woman. Every time she would wave her hands in the air, the crowd would just scream and continue to scream until she stopped waving her hands. And the crowd would respond well to every question she asked.

I feel bad for the rest of the band though. All eyes seem to be on Maria most of the time when the four guys are the ones who actually make the music what it is, so you can't forget about them. They played crystal clear.


Stone Sour


This was my first time seeing Stone Sour in Toronto. I've seen them play at Rock On The Range a few times but never at one of their headlining shows. I actually don't know a lot of Stone Sour songs, except for their popular (and amazing) songs. But I like them enough to go see them. Honestly, every single of theirs is so good.


As soon as Corey Taylor got on the stage, the crowd went ballistic, chanting his name. I think even Corey was surprised. I know I was surprised. It amazed me how many people like me look up to and respect Corey Taylor. I think it's because he makes everyone feel invited and okay to be who they are. And he's also just such an amazing, versatile singer. How can you go from screaming in Slipknot to singing so beautifully and melodically in Stone Sour? He's a legend in today's world of rock music. The crowd chanted his name two or three times throughout their set. It was quite funny when he decided to be a d*ck and throw water up at some girl on the balcony level who was on her phone. It was hilarious.

Okay, I'll stop rambling about Corey now. Musically, the night was so much fun. The band sounded so good. There was a confetti gun. People were crowd surfing and singing their hearts out. It was just a very energetic, fast-paced night. Both the crowd and the guys in the band were feeding off of each others' energies. Even Stone Sour's slow songs were full of energy and emotion.

They played the song that I was so anxious to hear - "Song #3". Words can't explain how you feel when you hear one of your favorite songs live. It just makes you feel so good inside and helps you forget about everything outside the concert walls. That's the beauty of live music.

I do wish they played "Bother" since that's another one of my favorites. It's a sad song but so powerful. They ended the night playing "Fabuless" which was the perfect song to end with. It left everyone on a good note. And the band even had the blow-up figures seen in the video for the song. It was great!

You can see my videos of the show on my Instagram There are clips of In This Moment and Stone Sour.

Unfortunately, the band's Hydrograd Tour is over now, but I highly encourage you to see them some time in your life. They're playing some festivals starting in April, including Rock On The Range. I have to say, the American festivals aren't complete without Stone Sour. They're your ideal rock band for a festival that just always provides a good time.




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