Films to Watch on Netflix after 'You'

By Emma

How many of you have binged-watched the show You? It’s new on Netflix and is creeping all of us out with its stalker storyline.  Some of you might be dismissive toward the stalker films and thinking its super overdone, but don’t fool yourselves. You is a quality horror series, with the story of a bookstore manager becoming obsessed with a female writer, is sure to freak all of you out.

You will likely be a binge watch, and you will need some other things to watch afterward. With this chilly weather, why not stay inside and watch some more scary stuff on Netflix? To begin, here are three options to look at.

Train to Busan (2016)
This South Korean film tells the story of a zombie apocalypse sweeping throughout Korea. Seok-woo, who spends most of his time working, is taking his daughter Su-an to the city of Busan when the apocalypse begins.
As people on the train begin to become infected, the main characters work with other survivors to fight off the zombies and save themselves. Unlike the classic Night of the Living Dead, the zombies in Train to Busan can run. While that’s bad news for the survivors, it makes for some great scenes for the audience!

While there is some gore, the film doesn’t make it cheap and overdo the violence. Instead, it is successful in keeping you on edge throughout the movie with a mix of suspense and shocking scenes. It’s worth a watch!

Hush (2016)
In this thriller, we see the story of deaf writer Madison "Maddie" Young. Maddie lost her hearing in her youth and lives in an isolated area on the woods. One day a masked killer appears, with Maddie as his top target. Right away, the audience wishes Maddie could find a way out of the forest.

The film has the favourite theme of the home invasion but is still unique. Maddie isn't portrayed as a victim with her hearing impairment, but rather as a strong character who works to fight off the killer.  The suspense is excellent, and the film does a great job in getting audience scared as the follow along with Maddie trying to escape. It’s a great choice if you like scary suspense!

The Gift (2014)

This film is about couple Simon and Robyn Callem, and begins with them moving from Chicago to Los Angeles for Simon's work.  Simon soon meets an old high school classmate Gordo, and things take off from there.

Gordo begins acting strange, and randomly dropping by and delivering gifts. It soon becomes apparent something isn’t right. The audience learns the backstory slowly, and the tension builds through the film. The ending doesn’t disappoint, so it’s a great film to add to your list!

With this cold weather, we are all ready to stay inside. A film is always a great idea, and thrillers are a lot of fun! Check out these ones, and let us know about any others you would recommend.