By Nguyen Dieu Linh

Step 1: Prepare the strategy


Be yourself. When you become the main character in your videos, feel free to show your own personality and let people remember you through what you show. If you try to become someone else in your vlog products, you will first feel tired and boring, the bigger risk is that you are destroying your trust with your subscribers.

·      Consider your audience. Are you directed to young people? Or do you want to reach middle-aged customers? What is the theme of the vlogs you produce? Take the time to review these questions before making your way to YouTube.

·      Do not hide emotions in your video. Vlogging is like your diary. Express your feelings and tell the audience about your feelings. Your true feelings will touch the hearts and emotions of the audience, and eventually you will get sympathy from them.

·      Pay attention to positive energy sources. Learn how to allow people to influence your life only when they motivate you, not take you down. When people always criticize you, sometimes it can affect your whole day's mood, forget them.

·      Don't compare your channel with the big Vlogger. The famous Vlogger they have to trade a lot to get their current position. They also have to go through the same difficulties as you, but they persevere and continue to set realistic goals for themselves and they succeed

Step 2: Equipment needed for production and post-production


   Prepare equipment. You don't need to have the best camcorder for your vlog. Just make sure it's a HD-quality camcorder, with good sound recording.

·      Develop attractive title strategies. Think of headlines that can stimulate curiosity or can create audience sympathy as soon as you see it.

·      Choose the right time to shoot. Choosing the right time of the day to make the recording will also affect your vlog quality. Normally, the best time to shoot is around 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM.

·      Simplify the wallpaper that appears on the video. Pay attention to the background after appearing in your vlog. Or you can insert or edit the wallpaper after you have finished the video. But in short, the keywords you should remember are: The simpler the better.


Step 3: Build brand identity


   Combined with social networks:When you start your YouTube channel, share your videos on other social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram ... to reach your friends list first. This approach also helps improve your SEO and increase accessibility to a wider audience.

·      Listen to your audience. The content you create can call for interaction and action from the audience. Besides, regularly monitor their comments and comments about your video. If they are not satisfied, try to fix it. Moreover, sometimes the opinions from the audience can be great content creation sources for your next videos.

·      Meet the aspirations and desires of the audience. If your followers want you to do something, try doing it. Of course, you should select from the list of requests and aspirations from fans. See if fans are family, share them honestly and meet them if you can. Give away and you will get more.