My day trip to Qgunquit

By Ankita Mehta

Last year, while I was in the State’s for a vacation and was at my aunty’s place in Boston, my cousins & I stumbled upon the idea of visiting a beach. Just because, what is it about the idea of a dunk in the sea that feels so therapeutic?!


So on one fine not-so-cold September morning we decided to drive to this quaint little town on the Southern Coast of Maine called, Ogunquit..

Ogunquit (pronounced /o-gun-quit/) was named by the Abenaki tribe, because the word means ‘beautiful place by the sea’. Just over an hour north of Boston, the best beach in Maine happens to be pretty accessible. There’s something special about the sand here. It’s fine white grains are almost sugary in texture. Also, most beaches stretch a couple hundred yards at best, and they can get seriously crowded. Ogunquit Beach is three miles long, so there’s plenty of room to spread out.

Braving the breeze & the chilly water, my cousin & I went for a swim and it was so worth it. The beach as I like to call it has quite an effect, and at low tide it is much larger, with fun shallow tide pools that are home to little crabs and other tiny creatures. 

‘One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.’

― Virginia Woolf

 Also famous for its fresh catch, Maine Lobster is the sweetest, most flavourful lobster on Earth, at least that is what I have been told by the locals and upon tasting the catch-of-the-day I couldn’t agree less.

 Well, some love the salty-sweet scent of beach roses on sea breezes wafting along the Marginal Way walking path which I saved for my next visit, I personally enjoyed soaking in the sun while the lapping incoming tide caresses my bare feet.

The nostalgic village feel of strolling among quaint buildings, pedestrian bridges throughout Perkins Cove town and seeing taffy handmade is an experience I would recommend for everyone to live if visiting the East Coast.