5 Valentine’s getaways for couples near Toronto

By Rashika Mukherjee

There is no better excuse for a romantic vacation with your partner than Valentine’s Day. I mean, who wants to get stuck with those chocolate boxes and bunch of roses? The Millennials are in love with adventure and discovering new retreats. Ditching the idea of fancy dinners and relaxing spas at five stars is way better because occasionally couples want to have their ‘We’ time away from home.

Let’s celebrate the season of love, exploring these hideouts.


Deerhurst Resort

This place is known for the multiple activities it offers, including horseback riding, cross country skiing, fat biking, snowmobiling, etc. If you are an adventurous couple, then this resort can be a perfect retreat. On top of that, The Antler Steakhouse’, a famous diner serves you delightful dishes on a snowy day.

Turkey Point

When it comes to vacationing near the city of Toronto, this is one of the outdoors to consider. Turkey point is popular due to Lake Erie’s warm water and serenity. This place consists of an array of cozy cottages with useful amenities. The beautiful beach towards the lake is ideal for a romantic walk or a cycle ride.


Niagara on-the-Lake

Well, those days are gone when couples used to enjoy their vacations in Niagara fall, but when you have a vicinity like Niagara on the Lake nearby Toronto. This spot flaunts charming restaurants, exquisite vineyards and some elegant cottages. So, you have plenty of things to explore around this place with your loved ones.


Golden Lake

If you are looking forward towards a romantic getaway in a snug and well decorated chalet at the lake, golden lake is there to greet you with love. It features a lovely lakeside surface adorned with a classic fireplace. You can enjoy the absolute solitude with your partner on your Valentine’s escape.

Treehouse on Moon River

Have you ever thought of spending your Valentine’s vacation in a Treehouse? Here, these marvellous cottages built in the trees at the Moon River will make you inspired. The vintage interior and wood burning stove is the greatest attraction of this place. Besides, it’s an affordable option for couples in a group since maximum eight people can stay here.

It’s time to gear up for your favourite junction this Valentine’s Day.