The Benefits of Tea Tree Oil

By: Jonquil Jardine

Want to get rid of acne without using harsh ingredients?

I tend to break out ever so often and while I would prefer my breakouts to disappear on its own, we know that’s not going to happen. My go to product is tea tree oil which has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties.

How to apply

Simply add tea tree oil on a cotton ball and apply on skin (which I personally do) or if you have extremely sensitive skin, mix the oil with some water. Tea tree oil has a cooling sensation when applied to your skin.


I honestly see results within one day. I tend to apply the oil at night (due to its strong scent) and when I wake up, my pimple is gone.

Price Tag

The holista brand can be found at health food stores or Costco for around $15. The bottle is a good size and will last you at least one year. Another alternative are products that contain tea tree oil along with other ingredients such as the tea tree oil collection at The Body Shop. The Body Shop has an entire line devoted to tea tree oil. I personally never tried it and I honestly prefer to use products that contain less ingredients.

Alternative ways to be used:

-hand sanitizer

-insect repellent

-antiseptic for wounds

-control dandruff (this works! I’ve tried multiple brands to fight dry scalp but this is by far the best)

*Like any new product, try a patch before fully using oil

Found this gem at Costco for under $20

Found this gem at Costco for under $20