How To Turn Your Daily Shower into a Mini-Spa Moment

Melissa Perdigao

For many of us, showering is just another part of our daily routine. Pampering ourselves on a daily basis can seem like a distant fantasy. Adding a few tweaks to your routine can help you achieve that glowing, new-me feeling that an afternoon at the spa delivers! Start your day off on a luxurious note by trying out these simple steps:

  • Start with a dry brush.

Right off the bat, starting your shower routine with a dry brush helps to increase circulation in the body and get the blood flowing. Dry brushing provides exfoliation, removing the initial layer of dead skin cells to reveal more glowing skin. Use your dry brush before heading into the shower in upward motions towards the heart to stimulate your skin.

  • Double scrub is your best friend

Use a bar soap to get the initial layer of grime off of your skin. Look for something with a mild grain to it if you crave additional exfoliation. Incorporating a bar soap in addition to a liquid or cream product also adds to the sensory experience of your shower- layering complimentary scents will leave a trail of fragrance that will stay with you throughout the day.

  • Start moisturizing before you dry off

Add an extra layer of moisture by using an in-shower lotion or cream. It feels ultra lavish and the warmth of your shower will maximize absorption. Choose something that smells heavenly to you and really work the product into your skin. You’ll step out of the shower with the softest skin you can achieve!

  • Ditch the ratty towels, invest in something fluffy!

We as humans are creatures of habit and comfort and can grow attached to things like our favorite towels. But switching out that 5 year old towel for a plush, new one, can feel luxurious in ways we often forget! Choose something that is thicker and heavier which will be highly absorbent, and take care not to use harsh detergents to preserve quality.

  • Final touches

Don’t be afraid to slather on the body butter. Building layers of moisture throughout your shower and after drying off will increase longevity and help you achieve glowing, supple skin. Brush your pearly whites, apply your daily SPF and pour yourself a tall glass of water- you’re fresh, rejuvenated and ready to take on the day!