Spot Light: Sensational Gelvolution Review

Hey Guys!

I’m not a huge fan of fake nails due to its practicality. I feel like everything seems like  challenge once you add an inch to your nails. That being said, I rocked the long length for about a day until I couldn’t take it anymore. As soon as I got home I filed my nails to a length that allowed me to text freely.

These nails are beautiful. Sensational Gelvolution offers a variety of shapes, colours and designs for every person and occasion. On top of that, I was able to snatch these bad boys on sale. I paid around $12CAD instead of $15CAD which isn’t too bad considering how expensive gel/acrylic nails cost at the nail salon.

Will I repurchase? YAS! I actually love these nails. I’m quite a simple gal but these nails bring out my inner CARDI. I feel like I want to touch things in front of people so they notice.

Ps. Please note the nails are a nice length if you are accustomed to fake nails, I just decided to file mine so that I could function on a day-to-day basis. 

Photo Taken by Jonquil Jardine

Photo Taken by Jonquil Jardine