Skin care essentials

By: Jonquil Jardine

I like to keep my skin routine simple. I tend to use less than five products on my face and body which includes a facial wash, face moisturizer, eye cream, makeup wipes and body lotion. I’ve personally been using these products for years. These are my go to products on a daily basis.

What do I use:

Aveeno positively radiant facial wash ($15 or less from Shoppers)

Clinique face lotion (under $40 from Clinique)

Simple cleansing wipes ($15 from Walmart/Shoppers Drug Mart)

Clinique intense moisturizer (used under my eyes) (under $30 from Clinique)

Elm Spa body lotion ($50 at Elm Spa)

I strongly dislike strong scents especially in skin care products. The products mentioned have little to no scent and can be used for sensitive skin.

As I age, I find myself searching for skin care products opposed to new makeup products. For those of you that like to use simple products, alternatives include almond oil for your face and coconut oil for your body.

Why is it important to take care of your skin

Skin is your body’s biggest organ. It helps regulate body temperature and acts as a filter. Do yourself a favour and find a skin care routine that fits for you.

All products under $50

All products under $50