By Jerreline


Most of the articles out there will tell you how to take care of your skin, keep it healthy, glowing and gorgeous looking everyday! But we all know the real deal, no matter how hard we try we always end up looking at the mirror, disappointed. And well ofcourse , not satisfied. We spend money on different products, different brands and yet we just can’t seem to get enough. 

Let’s be real, our skin can be really hard to manage. Especially, when we have zero time to chill and when we are always worried about it. Let’s talk about some ways you can ‘try’ and achieve rather ‘okay’ skin. 


  Photo credit: unsplash

  • Be realistic - Alot of people are already telling us not to trust the magazine images, which is fine, but we all have seen people in real life with gorgeous skin. The harsh truth is that most of it depends on our genetics. Our genes play an important role when it comes to our skin. Period. 


  • Keep work at work/Keep school at school - Sure, we can get extra credits for being hard working, but let’s ‘try’ not to overexert ourselves, again causing stress and WRINKLES. Stress also releases cortisol which affects our hormones and causes acne. And nobody likes to break out, right?  


  • Understanding consumer (YOU) satisfaction - As a consumer, you like to try new products. You can’t seem to get enough of different things once they hit the market, why is that? Law of marginal utility, in simple words, when you consume more of a certain product, your satisfaction slowly decreases. Therefore, you jump to a different product. It’s good to have your skin exposed to ingredients you think will work for you, but sometimes it can go the opposite way and cause more harm than good. Stick to what works best for you. 


  • Do you - They tell you to try coconut oil for dry skin? Or cucumber to cool your skin? Right, but do what you want, what feels right on your skin. Don’t let your skin be irritated by ingredients that clearly do not work for you.  


  • Be satisfied with how far you have gone – Are you going through treatments? Or just doing your own home-made remedies? Well, good for you! Be proud of how much you have achieved with your skin.  


  • And last but not the least, be confident and stay confident - Sure we can break out from time to time and get wrinkles or fine lines, but that’s only human. You could use make up to cover it up. You could always go under the knife too. But really, just sit back for a minute and ask yourself, ‘Is this what beauty means to me?’