ICE as PRIMER? And more? Wait, What? 

By Jerreline


I don’t want to state what has already been mentioned so many times. But oh well, it gets me so tempted that I HAVE to. Yes, you can use ice as a primer! 

Ice has been a part of our skincare regime since ages. And it not only helps as a primer, but it works to soothe your skin and can easily become a part of your everyday skincare treatment. 


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                                                                                   Ashley Blue DeFranceco Instagram  



Yes, it’s true. You can use ice to prime your skin. Using it before applying any makeup can increase the longevity of it on our skin. It’s also a great way to chill, like literally! Makeup artist Ashley Blue DeFrancesco used an ice cube as a foundation applicator and also as a primer. Check out these links to know what other’s have to say about this trend! 



I remember waking up one day with bloated face. Yes, your girl had a cheat day the very day before. But, I found a solution! I rubbed ice all over my face for 3 minutes, and voila! Also, Celebrity makeup artist Lisa Eldridge swears by ice facials. She uses it on her models to reduce jet lag and tired looking skin. 



Ever wake up feeling like eyes are super restless, and just tired? Put some ice on it! 


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                                                                                Jamie Grill Photography 

It’s super simple! You can also make your DIY (Do it yourself) ice cube remedies using ingredients of your choice. From strawberries to lemon, or even cucumber! Different ingredients can be used for different purposes. Cucumber helps to cool down the skin and reduce inflammation, while the vitamin C in lemon can help acne scars! Honey also helps to moisturize our skin. 



Frozen ice cubes with antioxidant packed green tea, or milk can help minimize our pores and soothe inflammation! Ice can also be used as treatments for breakouts. 


 Tips To Consider 


  • Remember, not to over do it. Spend not more than 5 minutes while doing an ice massage. We don’t want red, irritated skin right? 

  • Don’t apply the ice near your eye region if you’re using other ingredients as well, to avoid it from getting into your eye. 

  • Don’t rub your skin too vigorously. 


So, what are you waiting for? Try it yourself!